“Welcome to the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office website. I encourage you to explore the various divisions, resources, and opportunities; you can report a crime, sign up for CodeRED, apply for a concealed weapons permit, see the most recent job postings, and view Citizens RIMS to see calls for service.

From Death Valley to Mt. Whitney and throughout the Owens Valley, the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office, Animal Services, Search and Rescue, and Veterans Services take pride in covering and serving the County of Inyo.

Our mission is to provide residents and visitors with the highest quality law enforcement available. The Sheriff’s Office will continue to partner with communities to solve issues, and improve public safety and quality of life. We will remain professional and courteous as we preserve the peace, enforce the laws of the state, reduce fear, and provide a safe environment.”

– Sheriff Jeff R. Hollowell




Inyo County is the second largest county in California, covering 10,412 square miles, and the third largest county in the United States. Covering 10,412 square miles, we are bordered by the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the west and the State of Nevada to the east. With a permanent population of approximately 18,156, Inyo County is primarily a tourist-based economy with 1.7% of the land in private ownership and the rest owned by the Federal government, the State government and the City of Los Angeles. Our two national parks provide Inyo County with the unique distinction of being home of both the highest peak (Mount Whitney at 14,495 feet) in the lower 48 states and the lowest point in the United States (Badwater, Death Valley at 282 feet below sea level). Inyo County has one incorporated city, Bishop, with a population of approximately 3,575. A popular travel destination for more than 5.5 million visitors annually, Inyo County offers fishing, hunting, hiking, rock climbing, cross country skiing, off-road vehicle travel and much more.